Heir to the birth of molecular technologies applied to nutrition and genetics, individualized nutritional approach is no longer fiction but is definitely a reality. It is based on the genetic heritage of an individual.

A different science

Lifestyle, dietary habit, pollution and other factors influence directly the genetic heritage of an individual.

Each individual shares 99.9% of the same genetic background. Genetic variations in DNA sequencing simply operate on the remaining 0.1%. This allows each individual to be unique. Although the genetic study is focused on the paternal study, maternal heredity and genes, epigenetic is a science that analyzes changes of influencing factors and environmental influence on the non-coding area of the DNA. The changes do not alter the sequences of the genes but portions of the DNA content in the non-coding genes by deactivating or activating the latter zones.

In the long term these epigenetic changes are directly related to frequent and regular exposure to external factors such as water, air, food...

An individualized and customised nutrition

This approach represents a new area for both the preventive and curative branches. This technology is based on the concept of the influence of nutritional requirements applied to the knowledge of the nutritional status and the genotype of an individual.

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