All diseases whether acute or chronic go through different stages. They all have a start and an end. The origins and the causes are unknown for most of them.

Some assumptions can be made in order to have a better idea of the mechanisms, aggravating factors and processes leading to the “natural phenomenon” of every individual, the disease.

When mathematics explains Medicine

By defining a simple way several parameters such as:

X1 (t): Food, X2 (t): Hydration, X3 (t): Life Style, X4 (t): Sleep Quality, X5 (t): Stress Level, X6 (t): Genetics, X7 (t): Pollution, X8 (t): Social Interaction

All these parameters are independent and depend on the time value t. So whatever t, X1 (t) ≠ X2 (t) ≠ X3 (t) ...

In general, mathematical hypothesis would be the following for an ill person:

Equation 1: X1 (t) + X2 (t) + X3 (t) + X4 (t) + X5 (t) + X6 (t) + X7 (t) + X8 (t) + ... = M (t) with M (t): disease

This complex equation of several parameters has no solution in the real world. It has several solutions in a complex world.

To try to really understand the influencing factors of a disease, it is easier to study the stability levels of a system so to think as follows: by taking the gradient which is known other than the derived parameter X1, X2, ..., the equation would be:

Equation 2: Ẋ1(t) + Ẋ2(t) … = Ṁ(t)

When the derivative or the gradient of a parameter is null, the function that it defined is stable because it does no more depend on time.

Thus, minimizing the different parameters Ẋ1 (t), Ẋ2 (t) …by 0, will give Ṁ(t) = 0.

The algorithm developed by Goldman Laboratories LTD aims to determine the various deficiencies of a person and extract phenomena that may affect these parameters.

An algorithm in the forefront of innovation

An efficient system that is able to find the parameter(s) influencing a disease or the imbalanced personal health and to determine the appropriate therapy.

A useful and essential tool that provides additional and visual indicators, simple to understand and different to those provided by the traditional diagnostic assessments and conventional analysis.

An innovative solution that is dedicated to the curative field, palliative branch or general wellbeing.

This service will soon be available so that everyone can benefit. An innovation by Goldman Laboratories.

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