About us

About Us

Goldman Laboratories designs, manufactures and distributes special dietary supplements catering to different industries such as healthcare, pharmaceutical as well as end-user consumers. We have taken great care to select the best products that have been tailored to customers’ treatments.

Goldman Laboratories offers premium products in order to meet expectations and product quality thanks to experts in the nutraceutical/pharmaceutical/medical fields.

  • Traceable
  • Comply with the regulations EU

Goldman Laboratories uses all its resources to ensure quality standards. Concentrations and dosages are selected and formulated by doctors and pharmacists. The raw materials of the highest quality are selected by biomedical engineers. Quality control is carried out by independent agencies to ensure all good manufacturing practices (GMP).



Science journalists ensure compliance and regulation of our website content. The assistants trained in the paramedical field keep track of orders and will advise you.

  • Quality
  • Safe products
  • Consulting services
  • Scientific validation

Philosophy & Vision

Goldman Laboratories always provides the best food supplements that are available on the market. Extensive research has been carried out on the quality of our products as this has always been our key priority.

Goldman Laboratories works closely with surgeons, general practitioners, physiotherapists and nutritionists. Its reputation has been built on providing the best products and services to clients by defining each person’s well being and health as its core objective, for each client is considered unique.