Liposome - a natural phenomenon

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What is a liposome ?

The term ‘liposome’ is a compound word, deriving from two Greek terms: ‘lipos’, which means fat, and ‘soma’, which means material. So, judging only by its name, one may infer that liposomes are fatty compounds. Although it is a bit more complicated than that, the reality is not that far from this simplistic explanation.

Liposomes are tiny vesicles, that are created from the exact same material that cellular membranes are made of. The predominant structural material of membranes is called phospholipids, which can be visualized as prolonged molecules with a hydrophilic head and a lipophilic tail. These molecules connect with each other, usually in double layers, where the heads face outwards and the tails inwards.

Although liposomes became known mostly as drug delivery systems [1], they are naturally occurring structures. When cell membranes are disrupted, for example, the membrane pieces reassemble on their own into spheres of nanoscopic dimensions. Dual-layered spheres are called liposomes, whereas the monolayer ones are termed micelles.

Liposome - Humain being did not invent it, it creates it naturally since centuries :

Perhaps the most characteristic example of a liposome that occur naturally is the human breast milk. This is a very important example, because milk is the only substance in existence that was specifically engineered by nature to nourish. Therefore, it is made by design to possess superior absorbing abilities for the nutrients it contains. This superior ability is expressed through liposomes: inside these tiny bubbles, aquatic solutions of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients are encapsulated.

By mimicking nature’s ingenious method of membrane construction, it is possible to create liposomes, by using only basic natural sources: it only takes a phospholipid, such as lecithin, and the active substance that we want our liposomes to deliver! There are so many benefits with this exciting drug delivery system, that heavy research has been dedicated towards finding new applications for them, including tumor-targeting drugs [2]. Higher solubility of both amphiphilic and lipophilic medications, better tissue penetration and transfer of hydrophilic substances along, sustained release of the active ingredient, are only some of their advantages.

Liposome - servicing health

Because of their natural origin and their simple, yet genius structure, liposomes are superior to any other form of conventional oral drug delivery system.

a. The active ingredient is naturally insulated from the environment, and protected from oxidation.

b. Absorption from the small intestine is nearly complete, even for polarized hydrophilic molecules that would otherwise remain unabsorbed in the gut, causing bloating and other side effects.

c. No coloring or preservation agents are needed, making the system 100% DNA-friendly.

d. Increased cellular uptake is achieved, resulting in prolonged biological action that reaches up to 8 hours per dose.

However, producing high-quality liposomal delivery systems is not an easy process. To ensure optimal efficacy, only premium quality raw materials should be used; liposomes should be sized according to certain standards; and all claims should be validated by independent testing. Goldman Laboratories meet the highest quality standards, creating amazing oral supplements with true liposomal technology that really delivers what it promises.


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