Liposomal encapsulation : microencapsulation designed by Goldman® Laboratories innovation

Each cell membrane is constituted by a primary component called phospholipid. Its amphipatic character allows to have an hydrophilic (water affinity) component on one side and an hydrophobic (lipid affinity) component on the other side. In contact with water, the geometric structure properties vary depending on the phospholipids varieties used.

Goldman Laboratories uses european phosphatidylcholine (PC), extract from natural sunflower lipid and non-GMO cultures also known as lecithin.

Health supported by liposomes:

The active substance is encapsulated in a spherical structured composition of phospholipids. This new matrix structure called liposome protects the active substance from direct contact with gastric juices of the stomach and digestive enzymes in the gut.

Goldman® Laboratories technology designs optimal sizes for each liposome to ensure that the active ingredient is properly released into the body cells.

Each liposome is completely absorbed when it arrives in the gastrointestinal tract and it keeps all its intrinsic properties.

As small as human body cells, the liposome penetrates the cell through the bloodstream and diffuses its active substance.

A unique manufacturing process:

The liposome manufacturing procedure is extremely difficult and requires cutting edge technology equipment from pharmaceutical companies. Each molecule remains active when liposomes are created. The process is monitored at low-temperature in order to keep all intrinsic properties. Highly purified water and sterilization equipment are needed, this provides a product that contains no "parasite" (heavy metals, pesticides, bacteria ...). The measures are taken from the pharmaceutical standards.

The use of the following techniques do not comply with Goldman® Laboratories procedures and specifications and are not part of its policy:

- Supersonic ultrasound: is used to create an emulsion in order to make two incompatible liquids such as oil and water compatible, but in no ways it is a liposomal technology

- Chemical procedures, even after filtration toxic substances remain in the final product

- Pressure, liquid comes to heat itself which undoubtedly leads to deteriorate its encapsulated content

- The use of hydrogenase phospholipids that reduces the active substance


A Premium Product Warranty for a cutting edge encapsulation :

Patented manufacturing technique allows the design of the smallest size of liposome in the market which is 50 nm (50 000 times smaller than the size of a hair!), the uniformity of the manufacturing of liposomes, the stabilization and optimal preservation of the active substance.

Goldman® Laboratories cutting edge technology allows to prepare new dietary supplements that provide high availability, increase penetration and span the activation period for each of its product. It is a new breakthrough in the nutraceutical industry where only a few possess this knowledge.

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