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A quotation from Hippocrate is appropriate here: "We are what we eat". At Goldman Laboratories our expertise in nutrition allows our clients to gain insight into the role nutrition has and its importance in life. Highly qualified independent international Medical Nutritionists, Surgeons and General Practitioners are pleased to advise you to the best of their knowledge. Please give us a call to book a consultation.


Dietary supplements are designed according to the highest quality to preserve and strengthen health capital. Goldman Laboratories provides accurate tailored  dosage for each product designed to ensure maximum efficiency and safety to our clients.

Buying products from Goldman Laboratories guarantees the best currently available in food supplements. Each product is the result from Goldman Laboratories R&D and based on the most recent and most serious international scientific studies. Some of Goldman Laboratories products combine multiple assets in a single formula.

Each ingredient is added only when it has a specific advantage in order to obtain the optimal action. Goldman Laboratories’ priority is to choose high quality ingredients, to protect their active molecules and thus improving their bioavailability for human absorption.

In conclusion, all products designed at Goldman Laboratories are sold via specific distribution channels. They are not for medical use and respect the 2002/46/ directive. Please click here for additional information.

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